Tool to Recover Missing Files on Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows OS series developed and introduced by Microsoft Inc. Windows 8 has lots of enhanced features and this is the revolution in the Windows OS series. It has secret start menu. Windows defender is helpful as it takes care of the Windows security. The system can be shut down in a simpler way than before. It has built-in screenshots and it automatically saves the screenshots when it is taken.

While fiddling with the Windows 8 features, you might go negligent of the files on it. Suppose you want to clean up your system and hence delete some important files on it. But after deletion, you might realize that you had deleted some files which are important. What can be done in such case? How to find lost files in Windows 8? These are the questions which bothers you. In such situations, you can recover missing files on Windows 8 PC using recovery software. You can retrieve files on Windows 8 effectively using Windows 8 File Recovery Software.

Some of the scenarios in which files will be lost from Windows 8:

Partition Table corruption: The Partition Table gets corrupted due to missing system log files. The log files go missing due to bad sectors, MBR corruption, virus infection, etc. As a result of lost information of log files, the Operating System couldn’t access the files on the drives of the computer. In such situation, you can recover the files using recovery software.

Format: The drive can be formatted to remove all the files and hence the viruses from the system. You can also be informed about the bad sectors on the physical drive. You should have the backup of the files before formatting the drives otherwise you will lose your crucial data stored on it. In that case, you can get back the files using recovery software.

Malware Attack: When you connect a healthy storage device like flash drive to a virus infected Windows 8 PC, there are chances that your flash drive might also get infected from deadly viruses. This might not allow the user to access the drive data which in turn causes data loss. You can try Windows 8 recovery tool in order to recover flash drive on Windows 8 operating system. Visit this link to know more about this tool.

OS re-installation: The OS can be re-installed on your computer when needed. If the OS is reinstalled then you will lose all the data on the drives of the computer. You should have the copy of the important files on the computer so that you could restore them on the computer back after OS re-installation. If you do not have another copy of files then you can recover them using recovery software.

Resizing the drives : The drives on the computer might not be sized properly. You might be lacking the space on a drive to save your data. If you want to save the file in that particular drive only, then you need to extend the drive size. If there is no free space on the hard drive then you need to shrink the drive with free space to get free space. While resizing if the process gets interrupted, you might lose some of the files.

Advantageous features of Windows 8 File Recovery Software:

The Windows 8 File Recovery Software helps you to recover missing files in Windows 8. The software supports data recovery in any worst case scenario. You can recover up to 300 different file types using the software as it has rigorous scanning mechanism. Windows 8 file recovery tool is the perfect solution for the query how to find lost files in Windows 8 system. You can save the time of rescanning the drive as you can store the recovery session. You can retrieve Windows 8 partition using the software. The software also supports data recovery from Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can perform hard drive recovery on Windows 8 effectively using the software. To know more, click here. You can use this tool to bring back lost documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc., to get more details related to document recovery go through this link

Simple steps to restore lost files on Windows 8:

Step 1: Download and install the Windows 8 file recovery software on your computer. Run the software and select Recover Files from the main screen of the software. Then select Recover Lost Files from the next screen to retrieve missing files in Windows 8.

How to Find Lost Files in Windows 8 - Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive on the computer and perform scan for the lost files.

How to Find Lost Files in Windows 8 - Select Drive

Step3: The software after scanning displays the list of lost files. Preview the files and save them on the computer.

How to Find Lost Files in Windows 8 - Preview